This is a random IFS fractal generator. IFSs are fractals generated recursively by mapping themselves into themselves. Above you can select many parameters to control the generator. You can select the number of points to be plotted and their size in pixels. The time to calculate depends strongly on the number of points. You choose how many random maps to generate; the fewer maps, the more simple the fractal will be. The eigenvalues of the maps control the `strength' of the contraction. Smaller mean eigenvalues give tighter maps. Larger `Eigenvalue Std' gives more variation in the contraction. The weights control the relative probability of each map being applied. A relatively small weight will result in a map that looks faded. Larger `Weight Std' gives more variation in the weights. If you are consistenly getting amorphous blobs, try decreasing both eigenvalue sliders. If you are consistenly getting a single points or sharp lines, you can increase mean eigenvalue.

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Last Updated: 7/27/2023